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We have been operating since 2001. Our first initiative was to create the Psychological Help Portal Through the portal, we provided education about mental health problems and how to solve them. We founded and moderated an online self-help forum. We also started helping online in chat - individual and group, as well as via e-mail. In 2004, we formalized ourselves as a non-governmental, non-profit organization - the Intro Association.
After registering the organization, we started cooperation with the local government, mainly with the Wrocław commune. Every year we implement the Free from Violence project and run the website 

We have established cooperation with local organizations and institutions (City Hall, Social Welfare Center, Police, Prosecutor's Office, Crisis Intervention Center). For several years, we have also been participating in the work of the Interdisciplinary Team for Counteracting Domestic Violence in Wrocław and Środa Śląska. Every year we take part in joint social campaigns.

We have completed many social projects. We provided psychological, psychotherapeutic, pedagogical, legal and social assistance to people in crisis.

We also organized training and internships for younger specialists: psychologists and lawyers. A large part of our activities is social education.


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